Thursday, April 1, 2010

Candidate Jokola by Irakli Kakabadze

When oil executive Jokola Kistauri suddenly quits the presidential race, the media launches into a feeding frenzy to understand why. In this six-act tragedy of wartime love and politics, suppressed in the Republic of Georgia, Irakli Kakabadze reaches behind the masks of power and success to explore the choices we make as human beings.

“Kakabadze has always been in the forefront of non-violent struggle, but what is most interesting is that he decided to write Candidate Jokola after the Rose Revolution—when he was highly regarded by the Georgian authorities, and had a chance to become one of their favorites. Instead, he wrote a work that sided with the underdog, and because he chose to write a love story between an Abkhaz woman and a Georgian presidential candidate, he risked not only his literary career, but his life.”
-- from the introduction by Zurab Rtveliashvili

ISBN 0-9798112-2-8
96 pages